Touch Arcade podcast, Hitbox images, New Characters

In episode 149 of the Touch Arcade show, they talk a little about Street Flapper.  I must say, it’s a bit of a surreal feeling when you hear other people tell each other a secret code for a game you made.

So, I bring this up because Eli said he suspected the hitboxes were the same for every character.  I thought that this might also be what others think, so I’ll provide some evidence here that shows how different they all really are.

Make sure you look at all the images… there’s a few surprises at the end :).


I think Ryu is a little underrated by many players. He’s got one of the smallest hitboxes in the whole game (actually smaller than Chun Li’s!). I feel having a good run with Ryu is most satisfying compared with others.


Honda’s hitbox is quite nice considering his sprite size, but note that it does get bigger when he’s falling.

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