Street Flapper is for the fans


My name is Justin.  I made Street Flapper.  If you enjoy it, please support the rightful IP owners, Capcom, by buying their products.

It wasn’t an easy decision – do I release this game or not?  I thought about it for days.  But from all the testing it has received, it was unanimous that it was too fun not to release.  And since I don’t intend to make any profits from it, I didn’t think it would hurt to do so as a free app (with no ads).

If Capcom want me to pull the game, then I will do so without question.  I hope they do not though, and allow this to exist as a fan-made love letter to their products.  I bare no ill intentions with this, and want to preserve my future as a game developer who may have relations with other developers.  So the last thing I want is animosity between us.

Thank you for reading!  And please, enjoy Street Flapper and support Capcom!

- Justin

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