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Street Flapper removed, as promised


Capcom have sent me a request to remove Street Flapper from the App Store.  As I had originally promised, I will comply with this request and the game will be removed soon.

I would like to thank all who played the game.  My only goal in releasing it was to allow others to enjoy it.  I’m thankful to all the support I have received, it was overwhelming to say the least!

Although this is the end of Street Flapper, it is not the end of my development career.  I learned a lot from making Street Flapper, and I’ve already got a few projects in the pipeline.

Again, a big thank you to everyone for your support.


Update 1.2 finally released

After some hassles with Apple’s approval process, the 1.2 update (includes 1.1) is finally out.  Here’s the complete change list:

Street Flapper: Dash
- Added Claw, Boxer and Dan (highlight every character in order from Ryu to Akuma to unlock)
- Added Hard Mode (Use Konami Code to unlock: Honda, Honda, Sagat, Sagat, Ken, Blanka, Ken, Blanka. Repeat code to revert back to Normal Mode.)

- Japanese App Store description!
- Fixed Ken’s KO animation
- Added Game Center button to view leaderboards easier
- Added current highscore for highlighted character on select screen
- New Leaderboards that accept highest score instead of latest (sorry about that!)

App Store Link

Touch Arcade podcast, Hitbox images, New Characters

In episode 149 of the Touch Arcade show, they talk a little about Street Flapper.  I must say, it’s a bit of a surreal feeling when you hear other people tell each other a secret code for a game you made.

So, I bring this up because Eli said he suspected the hitboxes were the same for every character.  I thought that this might also be what others think, so I’ll provide some evidence here that shows how different they all really are.

Make sure you look at all the images… there’s a few surprises at the end :).


I think Ryu is a little underrated by many players. He’s got one of the smallest hitboxes in the whole game (actually smaller than Chun Li’s!). I feel having a good run with Ryu is most satisfying compared with others.


Honda’s hitbox is quite nice considering his sprite size, but note that it does get bigger when he’s falling.

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Hidden Characters

If you still haven’t figured out how to unlock the hidden characters, here’s how.

Both characters are unlocked on the character select screen.

Hidden CharactersFor Bison, you need to select Ryu, Guile, Chun Li, Guile, Chun Li, Ryu.  You’ll hear the “Here comes a new challenger” jingle and Bison will be available on the bottom right.

For Akuma, you need to select Bison, Sagat, Guile, Chun Li, Ryu, Ken.  You’ll hear the jingle again and Akuma will be available on the bottom left.

Because they play quite differently to the rest of the cast, you’ll need to unlock them each time you enter the select screen.  But as a convenience, if you restart a game after playing as one, that character will be unhidden and highlighted for you to jump right back in!